Power services support team – NIFM project

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The Client

Visionstream is Australia’s largest telecommunications network construction, deployment and maintenance provider. Their team build and maintain some of the region’s largest mobile networks and dedicated to delivering superior maintenance solutions and innovation for critical communications networks.



IoTics began working closely with the Visionstream in 2016 to provide over-flow support to the network integrity and facilities management team (NIFM) for South Australia in an electrical and emergency power response space.

Following Visionstream’s successful award of a contract with Telstra to supply maintenance to more than 40,000 exchange and network assets across Australia, a need for additional support quickly surfaced which would eventually see IoTics as Visionstream’s largest and most preferred contractor in SA maintaining emergency power to critical assets.


Attracted to the reward of helping the community maintain communication in times of crisis and power outages, IoTics invested heavily in mobile generator assets, staff training and equipment to ensure we were positioned and ready to provide emergency response support to Visionstream’s NIFM team 24/7.

Over the years we have collectively travelled tens of thousands of kilometres across regional and metro SA, meeting all KPI’s and ensuring the community is covered through protection against failure of critical communication assets.

Additionally, we regularly contribute strategies and implement electrical and control systems repair works to assets when required as well as support a fully established inventory of critical spares, procedures and safety systems.


As a result of many years of continuous experience with critical communication assets we proudly provide a fully equipped and trained team of passionate staff that are able to rapidly deploy breakdown and emergency support services to the NIFM team at any time.

Our active contribution and position as an extension of the NIIFM team ensures we contribute to the community through our highly engaged and skilled team, whilst also ensuring wider-KPI compliances are met between Visionstream and the asset owner.

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