Water treatment innovation overhaul – Industry 4.0

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The Client

Freshwater Systems are a leading manufacturer and distributor of water treatment equipment. From domestic to industrial, Freshwater Systems offer a wide range of pre-engineered as well as custom built solutions for all water treatment needs.



IoTics began working with Freshwater Systems in 2016, leveraging our heavy industry experience in water treatment and automation to gain an understanding of the then methodology around how Freshwater plants were controlled and automated.  

We noted many areas where substantial benefits to the end-user experience, product superiority, streamlining and value through saving of both time and money to Freshwater products and services could be achieved.

This would soon unlock opportunity to help align the business in an industry 4.0 space allowing the products to be IoT ready through remote monitoring and data acquisition.


The fundamental driver behind building a successful partnership with Freshwater Systems was taking the time to gain a complete understanding of the organisation + end-user customer needs and then developing a scalable strategy aimed at producing superior control systems and outcomes in align with the best industry practice.

Working closely with Freshwater systems, we passionately overhauled the control system design and architecture across all Freshwater water treatment plant offerings, addressing many challenges and limitations taking the end-user experience and product superiority beyond the industry norm.

Our software unlocked the ability for easier plant configuration and implementation, remote monitoring, data acquisition including trade waste, and a fully customisable base-platform, easily tailorable to any application significantly reducing repeated investment outlay keeping Freshwater Systems ahead of the game.


We continue to build water treatment control systems for Freshwater Systems and have developed + commissioned over 50 water treatment plants, nationally, across the medical, food & beverage, mining, agriculture and commercial building industries.

Freshwater Systems, SA Water and end-users are now able to remotely monitor critical alarms and plant status of several IoTics-built water treatment plants via an exclusive Freshwater Systems portal based eco-system, proudly developed and hosted by IoTics.

Freshwater customers enjoy the benefit of their remotely monitored assets as well as the smart design-features and user experience of their products; they are commonly requested to be enabled with these features + more.

Customers get certainty, peace of mind and visibility of critical assets. Freshwater Systems leverage the platform to help support the best in client service and response time to faults and service requirements.

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