Business continuity and risk mitigation – automation & process control

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The Client

Beston Global Food Company is a proud SA multi award-winning company taking the best of Australian produce to the world with fresh milk supplied by our valued Farmers and provides employment for nearly 300 people.


IoTics were approached by Beston Foods in early 2017 in search for a reliable, safe and highly skilled automation engineering company to help improve plant uptime, efficiency and reliability across their two rural-based dairy processing facilities.

With limited access to localised specialist support and frequent frustrations between process control challenges and unwanted downtime of critical plant, a strong case for improvement was more than welcomed.

Wastage, yield efficiency, plant uptime, data visibility and troublesome process control elements were some of many areas needing expert attention, and fast.


Our first approach was to promptly establish focused site presence through our support team to understand and identify key areas that would soon see strong returns and productivity gains to the business.

A high-value strategy targeted at addressing identified value areas was developed by our team in conjunction with Bestons Stakeholders and executed across both sites in a staged approach.

This tactic ensured both minimal disturbance to production and prioritised ROI’s based on the biggest needs in an urgency sense.

Highly secure remote network hardware was installed allowing our support team to remotely monitor and rapidly attend to control system breakdowns 24/7 without the need to travel to site.

Our exclusive business continuity risk heat-mapping service was undertaken across all plant automation equipment providing a clear and concise risk-reduction roadmap and capital outlay plan.


IoTics continues to support Beston Food’s two (2) rurally located production facility’s remotely thanks to the adoption of our premium SLA priority 24/7 breakdown support agreement which includes active connection into our highly secure remote support network. This has provided substantial savings in plant downtime through the ability to rapidly connect to site and the reduced need to travel to site.

Our expert engineering team continues to deploy regular advanced process control engineering changes to site automation systems ensuring optimised plant performance, significant yield increase and wastage reduction.

As a result of the IoTics business continuity and risk mitigation heat-map, Beston’s exposure to continuity risk continues to greatly reduce through targeted migration plans, upgrades and critical spare readiness. This ensures sustainable production up-time and maximised success through knowing the unknown and, being ready for it.

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