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Torresan Estate are a leading organisation in contract wine bottling, packaging, warehousing and wine analysis. Based in McLaren Vale, Torresan Estate operate a world-class purpose-built bottling facility with capabilities of servicing order configurations of any type and capacity.


By early 2018, IoTics relationship with Torresan Estate had evolved so much we were able to identify many business improvement opportunities that would soon benefit from a complete digitalisation makeover.

Many of Torresan Estate’s core business functions relied on heavily manualised systems and processes across the administration, operation and production teams.
This was difficult to manage, frustrating to work with and highly inefficient costing large amounts of unnecessary time, resources and re-work.

With an upcoming plant expansion in the pipeline the existing business operating system(s) needed to be urgently addressed with a fit-for-purpose and scalable solution.


The fundamental driver behind success in this project was taking the time to gain a complete and holistic understanding of the business in every sense.

IoTics positioned a highly experienced industry expert on-site to collect essential learnings of every existing process across the business from customer order right through to product dispatch.

The insights enabled design and execution of the perfect-fit strategy to digitalise these processes, addressing all challenges with a powerful and highly customisable software platform that would then commence the long-standing partnership between IoTics and Start Services.

A full industry 4.0 digitalised eco-operating system was developed and deployed across site, affording an innovative and highly efficient experience within the entire business.
The solution included a fully automated internal workflow management portal, online customer ordering interface and digitalisation of all QA and production forms.

All information is passed across the business via intuitive plant dashboards and a network of 20 live iPad tablets distributed across the production team.


Customers are now able to define and schedule their own bottling orders via an intuitive online portal at any time as well as check visibility of inventory and held stock resulting in an exceptional customer experience.

Further, customers can enjoy designing the perfect fit via a 3D rendered preview of the finished product before sending their order to production.

The Torresan Estate team now save hundreds of hours each month through peace of mind having everything in one place; internal work packs, record keeping, inventory levels and product information is completely digitalised eliminating the need for paperwork.

Last-minute order changes, updates to stock, production scheduling and live updates are seamless benefits that are now enjoyed within the business whilst creating a highly efficient way-forward increasing productivity and saving money.


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