Control system risk assessments and strategy

Equipment breakdowns are all too common from time-to-time and for most, downtime is a costly and impactful experience.

Many industrial plants operate with machinery of varying age and background. This variation is also reflected in the age of the control system technology and quite often the time taken to repair and restore plant operation in a breakdown situation is extensive, often because the organisation is not adequately prepared for a fast recovery.

Key contributors to extended downtime include outdated or absence of electrical drawings, control system program backups, unsupported hardware, inadequate critical spares, and insufficient routine maintenance.

IoTics can partner with you to mitigate this risk and greatly improve plant reliability through developing a site-specific audit and strategy, gaining a full understanding of your operational requirements and assessing that against critical equipment risk.

Every organisation has has a unique set of needs and deliverables; something we enjoy understanding through our tailored customer discovery process
In almost all cases, there are many opportunities to mitigate risk without doing much.
It is not about upgrading / replacing everything, rather adopting creative and strategical practices and formulating a staged reliability plan to give you certainty and protection now, and in the future.

  • General risk
  • Strategic risk
  • Compliance risk
  • Operational risk
  • Financial risk
  • Reputational risk
  • Functional safety

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