Process optimisation and OEE

Having a full insight with respect to how well a given process is performing adds tremendous value across several parts of an organisation.

In an industrial sense, these insights can be used to identify and reduce (or eliminate) costly inefficiencies with equipment and processes.

Our team get great personal reward in this space as the outcomes deliver extensive value in reducing wastage and downtime whilst increasing productivity and enhanced optimisation (more yield).

Measuring OEE and the underlying losses return important insights on how to systematically improve your manufacturing processes, and ultimately increasing profitability.

We have strong experience with process OEE and can work with your organisation with our expert audit team to understand existing process requirements and support with determining the feasibility of implementing an OEE platform where extensive savings are achievable.

  • Expert site-based assessments and feasibility reports
  • Process insights and analytics
  • Downtime reporting, wastage, production throughput, operational efficiency
  • Production, inventory and operations management
  • Digitalisation of manual forms and data-entry
  • Performance management and dash boarding
  • Quality and compliance
  • On-premise and cloud based hosted solutions

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