Hosted remote monitoring and dashboards

In today’s world of technology, the ability to remotely monitor and/or control plant assets has become increasingly cost-effective and highly beneficial in saving time, money as well as protection against unwanted downtime and events.

Many organisations with remotely isolated asset deployments gain immense value through the convenience of simple, secure and reliable remote connectivity offering insight, support and diagnosis without the need to travel to site.

Our team specialise in the design, implementation and support of remote asset management solutions for all applications including use of cloud-hosted SCADA, dashboards and smart apps.

We also offer a wide range of convenient monitoring and reporting services allowing for early-detection of problems, predictive analytics and rapid support.

Security and data protection is critical in any remotely connected application. As technology evolves, ensuring a reliable, robust and secure platform requires the best expertise and constant industry awareness. For this reason, our systems are developed in partnership with our highly specialised IT/OT technology partner enabling us to provide our customers with absolute certainty and peace of mind.

  • Secure remote connectivity to stand-alone and inter-connected assets
  • Monitoring and data acquisition
  • Highly secure remote links to production networks for external support, alerting and monitoring services
  • Automated alarming and escalation systems
  • Portal based data analysis and reporting
  • Customised cloud based SCADA dashboards, web portals and smart apps
  • Machine-to-machine closed-loop communication (m2m)

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